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Boris Köpf



I am a researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge, working on confidential computing. Prior to joining MSR in November 2018, I was a tenured faculty at the IMDEA Software Institute, a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, and a Ph.D. student at ETH Zurich. I studied mathematics and computer science at the Universidad de Chile, the Universidade Federal de Campinas, and the University of Konstanz, from which I received a M.Sc.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the foundations of computer security. In particular, I am interested in quantitative notions of security, and in techniques for computing corresponding guarantees for real systems. I apply my research to the analysis of side-channel attacks (and countermeasures) and to privacy-preserving data processing.

Selected Publications

Spectector: Principled Detection of Speculative Information Flows (S&P '20) [pdf][www]
Theory and Practice of Finding Eviction Sets (S&P '19) [pdf]
On Aggregation of Information in Timing Attacks (EuroS&P '19) [pdf]
Loophole: Timing Attacks on Shared Event Loops in Chrome (USENIX Security '17) [pdf]
Rigorous Analysis of Software Countermeasures against Cache Attacks (PLDI '17) [pdf]
Rational Protection against Timing Attacks (CSF '15) [pdf]
CacheAudit: A Tool for the Static Analysis of Cache Side Channels (USENIX Security '13, TISSEC '15) [pdf][slides][www]
Probabilistic Relational Reasoning for Differential Privacy (POPL '12, TOPLAS '13) [pdf]
Approximation and Randomization for Quantitative Information-flow Analysis (CSF '10)[pdf] [slides]
A Provably Secure and Efficient Countermeasure against Timing Attacks (CSF '09) [pdf][slides]
Automatic Discovery and Quantification of Information Leaks (S&P '09) [pdf][slides]
An Information-theoretic Model for Adaptive Side-Channel Attacks (CCS '07) [pdf][slides]

Recent and Upcoming Events

CSF, IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (SC member)
PETS 2020, Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PC member)
PPML 2019, Workshop on Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning (PC member)
PETS 2019, Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PC member)
CCS 2018, ACM Conference on Computer and Communication Security (PC member)